LMR707 Car Rental is an affordable car rental company based in Pretoria.

We offer well serviced and reliable vehicles.  All of our vehicles are highly dependable and maintained to a great standard.

Partnership with our Customers

LMR707 Car Rental ...commitment to service excellence!

Building a partnership with our customers is our goal and we have been working for some time to develop strong, long-term partnerships with our customers. And our commitment to service excellence is evident in everything we do. We strive to provide a personal, professional and affordable service to rental clients and we are one of just a few Car Rental companies that accept cash.


Our mission is to be Pretoria's most affordable and reliable car rental company.

LMR707 Car Rental your satisfaction our treasure!

Service Excellence

We strive for excellence with our services. We  offer the benefits of vehicle ownership without the trauma of a purchase by providing unbeatable monthly car rentals. We make life easier for those looking to access a dedicated vehicle for an extended period.

At LMR707 Car Rental we are passionate about consistently providing you with some of the best deals on rentals, matched by our friendly and efficient service.

Theres no doubt the axiom dynamite comes in small packages holds true for LMR707 Car Rental and its growing team. The sky is the limit at LMR707 Car Rental and your satisfaction our treasure.!!

"We are at your service".

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